Within APRI, some of the members work in digital companies, in consulting firms carrying out projects with these companies, or in associations that represent companies in these sectors. They consider that the work in Public Affairs and Institutional Relations that is done within or for these companies, exhibit some differentiated singularities and that it may be relevant to deepen their knowledge.

Nowadays, talking about the digital economy means talking about the economy as a whole. This is due to the fact that parallel to the companies, firms, startups and associations that are born digitally, there are many that develop their activity in different verticals by aspiring to improve their results and their structures through digitalization.

If we adhere to the former, public affairs work is characterized by at least three very unique features:

  1. Technological disruption, as a context that impacts our tasks and projects on a daily basis.
  2. Permanent regulatory tension. Since technology and the business models generated around it, evolve much faster than the ability of governments, regulators and citizens need to manage it properly.
  3. The need for a continual updating. Not only digital companies, but also public affairs professionals must constantly update their skills to face a changing environment such as the digital one.

Some or all of these features need not be exclusive to the digital economy, but the impact of the combination of the three is likely to be greater than any other sector of the economy.

Based on these basic ideas, a series of objectives and activities are proposed.

  • To generate knowledge about Public Affairs in the field of the digital economy.
  • To share ideas inside and outside APRI regarding work in these areas.
  • To identify and highlight good practices or models.
  • To assist APRI in achieving its own objectives in relation to the verticals related to the digital economy.

The working group is composed of:

  • Beatriz Álvarez Gallardo – Public Policy Coordinator | España & Portugal at Netflix
  • Javier Aparicio Rubio – Head of Government Partnerships & Communication of Iberia at Bird
  • Natalia Ares Abajo – Deputy Director of Institutional Relations and Public Affairs Europe at Xiaomi
  • Agustín Baeza Díaz-Moreno – Public Affairs Director at Spanish Startups Association
  • Diego Bayón Mendoza – Director Advocacy & Public Awareness at Harmon Corporate Affairs
  • Marta Becerra Fernández – Manager Government Affairs and Public Policy at Google
  • Francisco Campos de Miguel – Executive Planner at Roman
  • Raquel Carretero Juárez – Public Affairs Advisor and Comms specialist at Telefónica S.A
  • Cristina Cartes Andrés – Director, Public Affairs and Institutional Relations | Strategic Communications, FTI Consulting
  • Belén Codina – Associate Director at Kreab Spain
  • Javier Corrales Ciganda – Director Government & Public Affairs at Kiatt Group
  • Elia Ferrer Travé – Regional Sr. Manager Public Affairs – France, Spain and Portugal at FREE NOW
  • Enrique García Otero – Deputy Director of Strategic Development and Business Intelligence for Europe at IATA
  • Juan Jesús García Sánchez – Head of Industry Affairs EMEA at Amadeus
  • Carla Giustozzi – Public Affairs at Airbnb Marketing Services
  • Dolores González Pastor – Member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Professionals in Institutional Relations (APRI)
  • Francisco Jerez Lozano – Founding member at Estrategos
  • Ana Martín-Cleto – Director of Marketing and Communication in Grupo Oesía
  • Ángel Mesado – Co-founder & Partner at 19N
  • Adrián Moreno Solana – Junior Account Executive in Regulatory and Public Affairs at Hill+Knowlton Strategies
  • José Luis Ortíz Grande – Director of Institutional Relations and Communications, ZTE Spain
  • Manuel Ortíz Lázaro – Policy and Business Development Director, Southern Europe and Turkey at Superpedestrian
  • Victoria Piñero Alfaro – Regional Access Lead at AstraZeneca
  • Andrea Portugal – Institutional relations in Grupo Oesía
  • Jaume Ríos – Director Of Public Affairs at Hill+Knowlton Strategies
  • Enrique Sánchez Bautista – Principal Policy Officer at European Physical Society
  • Borja de la Torre Marín – Institutional Relations Expert at Mapfre
  • Juan Torres – APRI communications spokesperson
  • Andrea Vota – Public Policy Manager at Bolt
  • Juan Zafra – Director of the Editorial Board at Fundación Telefónica