Founders of the Public Affairs Community of Europe


At APRI, we are committed to collaborating, either occasionally or through agreements, with other relevant entities for the dissemination of the sector

University and Business Schools


APRI members receive a 15% discount on their training activities.


APRI members receive a 10% discount on its Master’s degree in Public Affairs.

Other professional organizations 


APRI supports this initiative in order to promote a culture of evidence-informed policy-making, as well as a science based on society’s needs by fostering a regular and important exchange between policy makers and the science, technology and research-based STI sector in Spain (scientists, researchers, technologists and innovation professionals, etc.).


APRI is the founder and member of the Public Affairs Community of Europe (PACE), created in 2018 as a platform for all national organisations of European public affairs professionals, committed to contributing to the development of more transparent procedures in the adoption of public policies across Europe by consolidating participatory democracy within the Member States.


APRI members will have a 15% discount on advisory services in Protocol matters and in the organization of events and courses offered by the AEP.