The Association offers actions and activities oriented to promote a suitable training and a permanent updating of every collective that is direct or indirectly linked to the representation of interests, especially inside APRI.

1. Institutional representation

The Association stands for the common interests of every member, independently of the size or capacity of invoicing, before the public and private institutions.

The activities that are developed by the association highlight the importance of the professionals of institutional relations and public affairs in Spain and their protagonism is reaffirmed as one of the key factors of the institutional environment.

2. Regulation and legislation

Query area and support for the members about the novelties in legislation about the regulation on transparency and interest groups.

Furthermore, a task group about regulation works for a legislation to exist that will allow to adequately connect the interests of the professionals of institutional relations and public affairs with every kind of public administration.

3. Training

At APRI, we offer a wide variety of possibilities in specialized training. Our aim is to make available for our members the best training offers in several formats and adapted to the necessity of each professional.

The members can join the training offers imparted by APRI in regulation or the industry tailor-made, both in-person or online.

Besides, we offer training on demand and with specific content about institutional relations and public affairs for all kinds of organizations.

4. Information and spreading

Institutional relations and public affairs is a little-known profession in Spain. Due to this, APRI allows professionals and partnered associations to participate in the several initiatives of the industry that are focused on improving the knowledge of the activity and to transfer to the public opinion an adequate view of the profession by collaborating with all kind of organizations, from public to private institutions.

Furthermore, the Association participates in many reports and documents about the industry and we update our member about all the current news of the sector as well as offer content that may be relevant for the professionals.

5. Networking

At APRI, we offer to our members a wide networking with the whole public affairs industry and with institutional agents through many formats of meetings and events.

The Association is a meeting point for the professionals of Spain, that joins international and national speakers who come together every year in the different meetings to talk about strategies, tools, channels and updates of the industry.

6. Internationalization

Through the Public Affairs Community of Europe Platform (PACE), APRI reinforces the international dimension of the industry and spreads the culture and value of the profession.