The APRI Forum of Organizations is a platform for companies to collaborate and was created in 2013 to defend lobbying professionals in Spain, with the aim of developing projects to improve knowledge of the profession as well as to convey an adequate vision to the to the public.

Among the most recent projects promoted by the Forum is the publication of the first book on lobbying in Spain. This was achieved with the participation of professionals in the sector, as well as the first study of the institutional relations sector, with the participation of the main companies and business associations in the country.

The following are among its main objectives:

  • Reinforcing APRI’S representativeness by defending and representing the sector.
  • Promoting transparency and regulation of the lobbying sector in Spain.
  • Fostering knowledge and training through collaboration with professionals.
  • Promoting new initiatives to reinforce the public affairs sector in Spain.

First book on lobbying in Spain

“El Lobby en España ¿Asignatura pendiente?”

The first book on lobbying in Spain, written by professionals of the sector and a preface written by then vice-president of the European Commission, Maroš Šefčovič.

Projects of the Foro Empresarial

Explanatory video on lobbying (in Spanish)

Escucha al lobby (Listen to lobbies)

This video clearly explains how the professional activity of lobbying and public affairs works, along with the importance of listening to interest representatives in the decision making process as well as in the elaboration of public policies.

Study conducted by the Foro Empresarial APRI

Study conducted by the Foro Empresarial APRI with the collaboration of the International School of Communication or Escuela Internacional de Comunicación (EIC) in Spanish. It is centered on the vision of institutional relations and public affairs professionals in Spain and based on the experiences and opinions of large companies and business associations.