The aim of the Comité Deontológico is to delve into professional deontology and ethics. It is composed of partners and external experts and is responsible for the compliance and updating of the Code of Conduct. Among its functions are:

  • Updating the Code of Conduct of APRI, applicable to natural and legal persons.
  • Passing and externally monitoring the compliance of the Code of Conduct.
  • Ensuring the deontological compliance of every member before their entrance.
  • Proposing and designing training actions on ethics and professional deontology.

Who are the members?

  • Javier Valiente – Coordinator of the Comité Deontológico
  • Esteban Egea – Secretary of APRI
  • Ana Ramos – External Affair Manager at BAT
  • Jesús Esteban Lario – Institutional Relations at Castellana Norte
  • Rafa Rubio – External consultant