The Committee channels all training and reputation-building activities in the sector. It carries out various actions, but all of them have a double objective: to support the professional career and to raise awareness of the profession. These are some of the actions conducted by the Group:

#LobbyHourMadrid: The Lobby Hours are networking meetings that are open to any professional of the sector, in which we count on a talk of a guest speaker of recognized prestige for his professional career in the field of institutional relations or public affairs.

#LobbyTalks: Exclusive meeting for APRI members in which they can learn first-hand the lobbying policies and strategies in our country.

#TheFutureOfLobby: In collaboration with universities and business schools, we carry out training sessions on lobbying and public affairs in which we make known what the profession consists of and which professional and training opportunities exist.

#APRIBlog: Knowledge production; composition of opinion articles and dissemination of our vision on the activity of lobbying in the media.

#TheBusinessOfLobby: initiative that responds to the demand for training by companies on institutional relations, public affairs and professional lobbying as a tool for business improvement.