You can share your experience and knowledges with other members by publishing in the APRI Blog. Send us your article and we will publish it in the weekly newsletter and the APRI website.

In order to publish something in the APRI Blog, please contact with a proposal on a topic. Once it has been approved, the article must fulfill the following characteristics:

  • The topic has to be related to the development of the institutional relations,
    public affairs, political incidence or lobbying.
  • The content must be original (not previously published).
  • The authorship must be included. The author shall provide all personal data of
    interest. For example, he or she can provide a Twitter account for its diffusion.
  • The extent of the article shall be between 400 and 1000 words.
  • The article must include a brief summary of no more of 300 characters for the
  • The author of the article transfers the rights of reproduction and diffusion of the
    article to APRI.