As professionals from business associations and organizations, we have found that there is a lack of sufficient knowledge regarding the profiles, competencies and professional skills of professionals working in this sector.

Professionals of APRI Asociaciones have developed a complex professional activity that requires a wide range of specialized skills and knowledge which include: management and leadership capabilities; internal and external communication skills; spokesmanship; relational skills; organization of events and conferences; in-depth knowledge of the legislative procedure both at the official and political level; identification of interest groups; etc.

Associations play a very important role in society and in the functioning of both the national economy and the development of the country. It is therefore necessary for them to have professional and well-trained managers capable of developing a strategic vision of leadership in order to promote modernization.

It is important that business organizations and professional associations properly define the profile they are looking for and select people who meet the requirements for the management and direction when looking to hire a manager or professional.

On the other hand, there is a need for greater awareness of the importance that is held by professionals in the proper representation of the interests of the organizations they work in. This importance also needs to be applied in a moment of change in in which transparency, sectoral reputation and social management acquire a particularly relevant dimension.

For these and other reasons, we have promoted the creation of a working group for APRI members who work for business associations: “APRI-ASOCIACIONES”.

The objectives of the working group are:

  1. To elaborate and define the role of institutional relations and good practices in the management of the affairs within the Association.
  2. To elaborate a definition of the profile of the professionals within the associations and to promote it.
  3. To professionalize the associative staff by training them in association management, using business tools, marketing; and communication and strategy.
  4. To implement transparency in the management and processesof the associations.
  5. To create a space and network of contacts where experiences and information can be shared in the field of associationism within the framework of APRI to strengthen its members. This will allow them to discuss possible services to members, CSR of the associations, representation of the interests of the associations, economic framework and sustainability of the associations, competitiveness of different sectors, possibilities for collaboration, formulas for attracting and retaining members, etc.
  6. To enhance the role of associations and defend associationism as a vehicle for private sector participation in public decision-making: the associative lobby.
  7. To promote measures to favor the development and the interests of the Associations (fair taxation, aid and subsidy management of aid, external auditing, compliance, etc.).
  8. To carry out training seminars that serve to provide associations with resources to professionalize the activity.

The group is formed by the following APRI members:

  • Cristina de Aguirre – Communication and Public Affairs at Cerveceros de España
  • Alicia Azaña Diz – Director G. Association of Sociocultural Services Enterprises (ANESOC)
  • Rosa Bayo Álvarez – Public Affairs Lead at Exolum
  • Lucas Calvo Pérez – Director of Public Affairs at Roman
  • Pedro Claver Martín – Head of Public Affairs at the Consejo General de Colegios Farmacéuticos (General Council of Pharmaceutical Associations)
  • Esther Colino Caro – Director of Public Affairs at ACE- The Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment
  • Esteban Egea Sánchez – Public Policy Counselor at Foreign Multinationals for the Spain trademark
  • José Antonio Ezquerra Hernández – Managing Partner at M&M Legal & Public Affairs
  • Ferrán Fernández Pintó – CEO at Fernandez-Pinto, Consultoria Política & Public Affairs
  • Benito García Carril – Dircom in European Communication and Strategy Managers
  • Enrique García Otero – Deputy Director of Strategic Development and Business Intelligence for Europe at IATA
  • Luis Gil Palacios – General Manager of the Spanish Federation of Cinemas, FECE
  • Alfonso de la Lama-Noriega – Expert in public affairs and business advocacy, mainly in business associations
  • Borja López-Chicheri de la Torre – Managing Director of the Spanish Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers (ADECOSE).
  • Juan Maggio Mas – Legal Director at Leroy Merlin Spain
  • Pedro Claver Martín – Head of Public Affairs at Consejo General de Colegios Farmacéuticos
  • Felipe Medina Martín – General Technical Secretary of the Spanish Association of Distributors, Self-Service Stores and Supermarkets
  • Olalla Michaelena – Director at Lighthouse Europe
  • José Nevado – General Manager at PATE- Asociación de Productores Audiovisuales de Televisión de España (Spanish Association of Audiovisual Television Producers)
  • Piluca Núñez López – Director of Communication and Institutional Relations at Asociación Empresarial Eólica (AEE)
  • Santiago Parras Vazquez – General Secretary of the Association of Independent Quality Control and Technical Control Companies – AECCTI
  • Aurelio del Pino – Chairman of the Association of Spanish Supermarket Chains
  • Alexandra Polacci de Amicis – Advisory Committee Member at Woman Forward Foundation
  • José Portilla González de Amézaga – General Manager at SERNAUTO
  • Antonio Quesada Estangüi – Institutional Relations at CONSULT
  • Jaume Rios – Director Of Public Affairs at Hill+Knowlton
  • Elena Sáenz García-Baquero – Director in the National Association of Plant Breeders (ANOVE)
  • Enrique Sánchez Bautista – Principal Policy Officer at European Physical Society
  • Luis Suárez de Lezo Ferrer – Vice President of the Social Council UCM
  • Borja de la Torre Marín – Institutional Relations Expert at Mapfre
  • Victor Torres Llorens – Senior Account Executive at Hill+Knowlton Strategies
  • Victoria Troyano Fernández – Consultant
  • Camilo Ospina – President of Asobares Association and leader of the Night Sector in Colombia