The Agri-food chain is an essential component of the Spanish economy and society, as demonstrated and recognized by the national and regional governments during the worst of the pandemic. It includes several sectors – production, industry, distribution, Horeca…- and is also characterized by strong regulatory intervention over its activities. At the initiative of several APRI members, we propose the creation of APRI Agri-food chain, open to those APRI members who develop their professional activity in the field of institutional relations, in order to:

  • Share experiences, success stories and concerns in the field of their professional development,
  • Discuss with third parties the current issues for the sector,
  • Prepare notes or documents of interest to the association and its members,
  • To support young professionals who want to develop in this area of institutional relations,
  • To enhance the profession of institutional relations in the agri-food sector,
  • To bring the profession and its professionalization closer to the University in search of new talents so that they can get to know the potential of the sector.

The agri-food working group is formed by the following APRI members:

  • Iván Albertos – Goverment Affairs at BASAF
  • Jose María Castilla Baró – GIA Corteva and Consultant specialising in agri-food/agribusiness issues for companies and associations
  • Horacio González Alemán – Secretary General THOFFOOD and EU Consultant agrifood sector
  • Javier Herrero Velasco – Director of Public Affairs and Corporate Relations Evercom
  • Juan Herrero – European Affairs Manager, Mercadona
  • Juan Francisco IniestaDirector of Business Development, Health and Government Affairs of the LaBE Group.
  • Oscar Mendez – Institutional and Corporate Relations Director, Moore Stephens International
  • Felipe Medina Martín – General Technical Secretary of the Spanish Association of Distributors, Self-Service and Supermarkets (ASEDAS)
  • Eduardo Perez – Secretary Board Of Directors, Legal Director & Public Affairs at Makro Autoservicio Mayorista S.A España
  • Elena Sáenz García-Baquero – National Association of Plant Breeders (ANOVE)